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How to Eat an Oreo Cookie 101

1 - Properly grip the Oreo. Grasp each half of the Oreo cookie softly but firmly with the fingertips of both of your hands. Being smooth and stable is the key here. Don't grasp the Oreo too tight, and definitely don't wiggle the cookie back and forth. Grasping too tight or wiggling may lead to the filling failing to separate cleanly.

2 - Begin to turn the Oreo. With each half of the Oreo in your fingertips, begin to smoothly rotate your hands in opposite directions. Most Oreo experts rotate the half that is in their dominant hand towards them, while gently rotating their non-dominant hand away from their body.

3 - Separate the Oreo. As you gently rotate you will feel a gentle pop come from the Oreo. This is your signal to separate the Oreo by moving your hands apart from each other. It is best to gently pull away so that the filling-covered half of the Oreo and the non filling-covered half of the Oreo don't accidentally bump.

4 - Admire your Oreo. With proper technique and a little luck, you should have one half of the Oreo that is completely clear of filling and one half with all of the filling. If so, success! If not, don't worry. This only means that you need to practice by separating (and eating!) more Oreo cookies.

5 - Eat Your Oreo. There is no 100% correct way to eat an Oreo, but there aren't any incorrect ways either. Now that your Oreo is ready, you are free to do as you choose. You could even put the Oreo back together, knowing that you were successful. Regardless of what you choose, enjoy the pairing of the sweet taste of victory and the delightful crunch of Oreo cookie.
Some people enjoy saving the filling-covered side for last, enjoying it in one delicious bite.
Another popular eating method is to scrape the filling from the covered side off of the cookie with your teeth.

O and did i say this viynyl sticker has a milky sticker friend?
Maybe chem him out aswell!

Have fun eating your cookie

> Glossy Coated Vinyl Sticker
> Designed by Amsterdam artist: "LEON RÖMER"
> Quality Guaranteed
> 7.3x7.3 cm
> Price is for 1 awesome super amazing sticker. Feel free to stick it anywhere you like.

On small items like this there is no track and trace! If you would like track and trace please let me know before buying any stickers.

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