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retro view master and polaroid camera enamel pin set
polaroid and view master lapel pin set on rainbow backing card
polaroid pin on striped denim sweater
view master pin on gray denim pants
photo camera pin set on denim jacket
cute red view master badge
cute polaroid badge
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Polaroid & View Master hard enamel pin

We normaly don't use these old polaroid camera's anymore, but I have been seeing more and more of them lately and in funny colors too!
Maybe it's a retro thing or maybe people just like polaroids these days, I don't know. . .
What I do know is that it inspired me to make a polaroid camera enamel pin. And because he is part of my "pin friend set series" he needed a friend!
That's when I thought of that old view master! I don't know if you ever had one as a kid but I did! It was super fun, clicking and sliding those reels. The sound it made was great too.

- Polaroid 25mm ( 1" wide )
- View Master 31mm ( 1 1/4" wide )
- Hard enamel pin
- black metal
- WARNING!!! Will not save your life one your own brain or heart fails.
- Makes clothing and stuff look super cool
- Ships as set on a single pin on card
- Packaged inside a protective cello sleeve
- Illustrated by Leon Römer


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