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I always feel so posh when eating sushi but did you know the japanese consider sushi an easy fishermans simpelton meal.
Ofcourse it has been elevated to great hights over the years but it remains fast food in japan.

And did you know most people call all things with rice and fish sushi but this is actually a "Nigiri"
That is a piece of rice with meat or fish ontop of it. Youi also of Maki, Temaki, Sashimi and Uramaki.
All these different types of food together is what you call sushi.

Well I don't care! fast food or not, sushi or Nigiri, this cute kawaii vinyl sticker looks super yummy!

> Glossy Coated Vinyl Sticker
> Designed by Amsterdam artist: "LEON RÖMER"
> Quality Guaranteed
> 8x6.6 cm
> Price is for 1 awesome super amazing sticker. Feel free to stick it anywhere you like.

On small items like this there is no track and trace! If you would like track and trace please let me know before buying any stickers.


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