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peanut butter and jelly sandwich pins on denim
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peanut butter lapel pin
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Peanut butter & Jelly hard enamel pin

So when I started designing my line of pins that compliment each other, peanut butter and jelly were right up there on my list!
Even if you are not a big PBJ fan, you can't help but think of this combination when you're imagining foods that go well together.
They might just be the most famous food combination there is . . . don't you think? I think they are!

And PLEASE do me a favor. Once you own the peanut butter and jelly sandwich friends, don't forget to take a photo when you're enjoying a PBJ sandwich with them :)

- Sushi 25mm ( 1" wide )
- Soya 25mm ( 1" wide )
- Hard enamel pin
- black metal
- WARNING!!! deadly combo if not mixt in 1:1
- Makes clothing and stuff look super cool
- Ships as set on a single pin on card
- Packaged inside a protective cello sleeve
- Illustrated by Leon Römer

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