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Baby Crab enamel pin

There are more than 4,500 species of crabs. Most species live in coastal areas of salty, fresh or brackish water.
The Pea Crab is the smallest known species and the Japanese Spider Crab is the biggest
Crabs have an “exoskeleton and walk and swim sideways. The biggest reason I made this pin is because crabs can be super cute and my girlfrienmd always calls me Mr. Krabs ( from Spongebob, i dont really think that is a good thing haha ).

- 30mm ( 1.2" wide )
- Soft enamel pin
- black plated metal
- backstamp
- Ships as a single pin on card
- Packaged inside a protective cello sleeve
- design by Leon Römer

Shipping Details:
- My enamel pins are NOT shipped with track and trace!!! But you can select this on check out if you like.

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