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Baby Pterodactyl dino pin
Baby Pterodactyl dino pin on backing card
Baby Pterodactyl dino enamel pin
Dinosaur pin set on red leather jacket
Dinosaur babies lapel pins
complete Dinosaur soft enamel pin set
flying Dinosaur baby pin


Baby Pterodactyl dino pin

Some fun Pterodactyl info:
- The Pterodactyl wings were made of a leathery membrane similar to a bat.
- The Pterodactyl was able to fly long distances with its lightweight wings.
- Pterodactyl is used to describe many types of flying reptiles, some were small and small were big.

- 28mm ( 1 1/8" wide )
- Soft enamel pin
- Matte black metal
- Brings that raw prehistoric out in you
- Makes clothing and other stuff look super cool
- Ships as a single pin on card
- Packaged inside a protective cello sleeve
- Illustrated by Leon Römer


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