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green bacteria enamel pin
virus enamel lapel pin

Bacteria enamel pin

1. There are a million virus particles per milliliter of seawater – for a global total of 1030 virions! Lined up end to end, they would stretch 200 million light years into space.

2. The name virus was coined from the Latin word meaning slimy liquid or poison.

3. Walter Reed discovered the first human virus, yellow fever virus, in 1901.

4. Viruses are not alive – they are inanimate complex organic matter. They lack any form of energy, carbon metabolism, and cannot replicate or evolve. Viruses are reproduced and evolve only within cells.

5. Over 1016 human immunodeficiency virus genomes are produced daily on the entire planet. As a consequence, thousands of viral mutants arise by chance every day that are resistant to every combination of antiviral compounds in use or in development.



🦠 25.4 mm ( 1" wide )
🦠 Hard enamel pin
🦠 Black metal
🦠 Screen printed details
🦠 Backstamp
🦠 Ships as a single pin on card
🦠 Packaged inside a protective cello sleeve
🦠 Design by Leon Römer


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