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green cactu ssticker holding a heart shasped balloon saying: I love hugs
i want free hugs cactus vinyl sticker
succulents cactus sticker set
kawaii cactus sticker


CACTUS I need hugs Vinyl Sticker

About a month ago, I got a cactus, and a week later, it died. I got really depressed because I was like, damn, I am less nurturing than a desert...
HAHA if that's you than don't worry! This cactus sticker can survive on hugs alone :)

> Glossy Coated Vinyl Sticker
> Designed by Amsterdam artist: "LEON RÖMER"
> Quality Guaranteed
> 6cm x 8.5cm
> Price is for 1 awesome super amazing sticker. Feel free to stick it anywhere you like.
> The 5 STICKER FULL set option gives you all the stickers in this sticker set

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