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Close-up of the Rainbow Cicada Enamel Pin, showcasing its vibrant colors and intricate details against a white background.
Stylish presentation of the Nature-inspired Rainbow Cicada Pin, highlighting its 1.5-inch size and gold-plated metal accents.
Insect Enamel Pin photographed from various angles, capturing the play of light on its vivid hues.
Detailed shot of the Colorful Bug Brooch, revealing the fine craftsmanship and butterfly clutch backing.
Entomology Gift - A beautiful Rainbow Cicada Pin displayed against a backdrop of lush greenery, emphasizing its connection to nature.Collage featuring the Vibrant Entomology Pin in different settings, perfect for collectors or nature enthusiasts.

Cicada enamel pin - insect bug lapel pin

Introducing the mesmerizing Rainbow Cicada Enamel Pin!

🌈 This stunning pin features the vibrant colors inspired by the rare and beautiful Rainbow Cicada. A symbol of transformation and renewal, the cicada emerges with brilliant hues, embodying the magic of nature.


🦋 Name: Rainbow Cicada Enamel Pin
🌟 Vivid colors capturing the essence of this unique insect
📏 50,8 mm ( 2" inches )
🦋 Gold-plated metal
🦋 Hard Enamel pin
🦋 2 Pink Rubber clutches for secure attachment
🌈 Perfect for adding a touch of nature's brilliance to your collection
🦋Ships as a single pin on card
🦋 Packaged inside a protective cello sleeve
🦋 Design by Leon Römer

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