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I make custom jackets and everything is possible!
Glow in the dark, leather, neon, glitter & studs. I do it all!

Just let me know what you like and I'll make you the best Jacket ever!!!

- Listing price does not include the jacket, You need to buy a jacket and have it shipped too me or tell me your sizes.
- Leather jackets are also possible!
- Pictures shown here are examples


1 - You tell me what you would like on your jacket
2 - You provide a photo of your jacket
3 - I will then make a sketch on the photo and show you what your jacket would look like
4 - If you approve ( and only if you approve ) of the sketch we can move forward
5 - You can send me the jacket ( or I can order it from a large brand like H&M to reduce the shipping )
6 - As soon as I receive the jacket I wil start hand painting it. This can take few days.
7 - When done I ship it back and you can wear it forever and ever.


- What paint do you use?
I use a acrylic paint mixt with a fabric medium.
I can Mix it 1:1 This will give the a fabric like feel. The paint will be bendy and you wont feel it when wearing it. ( everyday use jacket )
I can also mix the paint 1:2 This will give more vibrant colors and more details but the paint will become harder en less flexible when wearing ( show piece jacket )

- Can I machine wash it?
I don not recommend it but you can. Just like normal clothing, it will fade when washed frequently.
Best would be To not wash it or if you have to hand wash the stain. If you want to test your luck machine was it!
Again: all tough I do have people sending me pics that they machine washed it and it looks fine, I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS!!!!!!!

- Is it durable?
Well it's weather proof and it can take a hit but just like any clothing it can rip, get dirty, stain and tear.
I recommend to wear it as a showpiece once in a while and be careful with it.

Feel free to ask me anything.
I'll be happy to help you


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