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grumpy tiger soft enamel pin
kawaii and cute tiger enamel pin

Grumpy Tiger - cute animal enamel pin

Did you know . . .

1. Tigers are the largest among other wild cats
2. A punch from a Tiger may kill you
3. Tigers are nocturnal animals
4. Tiger cubs are born blind and only half of the cubs survive
5. Tigers love to swim and play in the water
6. Tigers live for about 25 years
7. A group of Tigers are called an ambush or streak
8. Tigers can mate with other big cats
9. Tigers have antiseptic saliva
10. Tigers can sprint at over 60 kilometre/hour
11. Tiger stripes are also found on their skin
12. Tigers rarely roar and are humble towards their group
13. Tigers urine smells like buttered popcorn
14. Tigers prefer to hunt by ambush
15. Tigers are solitary creatures
16. Tigers have diverse diet
17. Tigers can imitate the call of other animals
18. Tigers do not normally view humans as a prey
19. A Tiger’s penis does not erect even when aroused
20. Tigers cannot purr

🐯 30,4 mm ( 1.2" wide )
🐯 Soft enamel pin
🐯 Black metal
🐯 Backstamp
🐯 Ships as a single pin on card
🐯 Packaged inside a protective cello sleeve
🐯 Design by Leon Römer


Shipping Details:
- My enamel pins are NOT shipped with track and trace!!! But you can select this on check out if you like.


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