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Original lesbian pride flag with red kiss mark in top left corner. Designed by Natalie McCray. Different shades of red and pink represent lipstick variations.
New lesbian pride flag features orange stripes, each representing gender non-conformity, independence, community, unique womanhood, serenity, love, and femininity.Lesbian pride flag enamel pin: 1" inch size, hard enamel with screen printed details. Gold plated metal, double back posts, and black rubber clutches.
Lesbian Pride Flag Heart Pin - Pride LGBTQAI+ Enamel Pin
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Lesbian Pride Flag Heart Pin - Pride LGBTQAI+ Enamel Pin

The original lesbian pride flag had a red kiss mark in the top left corner. It was introduced to the world to the world in a blog post back in 2010, according to OutRight Action International. Some people still use that kiss mark to represent feminine or "lipstick" lesbians. It was created by Natalie McCray and the different shades of red and pink are said to represent different shades of lipstick.

In a 2018 Medium article, McCray was accused of transphobia, biphobia and racism among other things. As a result, the new flag with orange stripes was proposed.

In the new flag, the colors represent the following:

🧡Darkest Orange: Gender non-conformity
🧡Middle Orange: Independence
🧡Lightest Orange: Community
🤍White: Unique relationships to womanhood
💗Lightest Pink: Serenity and peace
💗Middle Pink: Love and sex
💗Darkest Pink: Femininity



📏 Size enamel pin: 1" inch - 38.1 mm
🦾 Hard enamel pin
🖨️ Screen printed details
⭐ Gold plated metal
🖃 Backstamp
🌈 Double Back Posts
🦆 Black rubber clutches
💳 Ships as a single pin on card
📧 Packaged inside a protective cello sleeve
✏️ Design by Leon Römer

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