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lucky four leaf clover green enamel pin
lucky charm enamel pin st patricks day

Lucky 4 leaf clover enamel pin - Lucky charm lapel pin

🍀There are approximately 10,000 three-leaf clovers for every "lucky" four-leaf clover.
🍀There are no clover plants that naturally produce four leaves, which is why four-leaf clovers are so rare.
🍀The leaves of four-leaf clovers are said to stand for faith, hope, love, and luck.
🍀It's often said that Ireland is home to more four-leaf clovers than any other place, giving meaning to the phrase "the luck of the Irish."
🍀If you're lucky enough to find a four-leaf clover, look for more! If a clover plant produces a four-leaf clover, it's more likely to produce another four-leaf lucky charm than plants that only produce three-leaf clovers.
🍀The fourth leaf can be smaller or a different shade of green than the other three leaves
🍀Shamrocks and four-leaf clovers are not the same thing; the word 'shamrock' refers only to a clover with three leaves.

🍀 30,4 mm ( 1.2" wide )
🍀 Soft enamel pin
🍀 Black metal
🍀 Backstamp
🍀 Ships as a single pin on card
🍀 Packaged inside a protective cello sleeve
🍀 Design by Leon Römer


Shipping Details:
- My enamel pins are NOT shipped with track and trace!!! But you can select this on check out if you like.


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