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Majestic Black & White Swan enamel pin

1. They are huge!
Trumpeter swans are the largest native waterfowl and the heaviest flying birds in North America. Their wingspans can reach up to 10 feet!

2. They mate for life
Around the age of 2-4 years, swans choose a mate which they will generally remain with for the rest of their lives. In some cases, however, they will choose a new mate if their partner dies or if they are unsuccessful at breeding.

3. They are very territorial during mating season
Swans have a reputation as aggressive and territorial, and there’s no time of year they exemplify this more than during their breeding season. Swans – especially mute swans – will chase away perceived threats to their nests by hissing, flapping their wings, and swimming directly at their rivals.

4. They have their own constellation
Cygnus – the latin word for “swan” – is a brightly visible constellation also known as the northern cross. In Greek mythology, the constellation represents Orpheus, who was transformed into a swan after death – next to his lyre, in the constellation Lyra.

5. They live for a long time
In the wild, swans can live to be over 20 years old!


🦢 33.0 mm ( 1.3" wide )
🦢 Hard enamel pin
🦢 Black swan = Gold plated metal
🦢 White swan = Black metal
🦢 Screen printed details
🦢 Backstamp
🦢 Ships as a single pin on card
🦢 Packaged inside a protective cello sleeve
🦢 Design by Leon Römer


Shipping Details:
- My enamel pins are NOT shipped with track and trace!!! But you can select this on check out if you like.


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